Geisha One-Shot
[Oni Press $4.50 US $7.00 CAN B&W]
Written & Illustrated by Andi Watson
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Geisha One-ShotJomi Sohodo is a synthetic being who was adopted and raised by a human to prove she would develop like any other child. Jomi has developed normally and is now a young woman, making her way in the world as a painter. The original Geisha four issue mini-series from Oni Press chronicled Jomiís struggles to prove herself and this one-shot picks up some time after those events.

The story, entitled ďOut of TuneĒ is a quiet tale that reads more like an intermission piece between minis. Jomi struggles with her muse and hangs out with her gossip columnist friend, Boychik. Cherry, Jomiís brother, has a small part in the story and he makes a momentous decision about the future of his music.

This one-shot gives the reader a good idea of the tone of Andi Watsonís Geisha. My only complaint is that it might not entice new readers to continue reading his Geisha stories. The reader is plunged into Jomiís world without much explanation and while you wonít be confused you may not be intrigued enough to pick up more Geisha stories.

Watsonís stylized artwork is solid. Itís always a delight to watch a master of panel composition in action. The artwork is black and white and his use of zip-a-tone shading (whether he does it by hand or by computer I donít know) is masterful and gives the simple figures depth and realism.

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