Far West #1, 2 (of 2)
[Antarctic Press $2.99 US $4.50 CAN (#1) $2.50 US $3.75 CAN (#2) B&W]
Written & Illustrated by Richard Moore
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Far West #1Ra’Meghan Val’Norium (Meg), the buttless chaps wearing bounty hunter is back in another fun adventure. Meg and Phil live in an old West populated with ogres, fairies, elves (of which Meg is one), talking bears (Phil), dragons and any number of anthropomorphic beings. In the course of earning a living tracking as bounty hunters they run into quite a few interesting characters.

In this adventure, Meg and Phil have a run in with the Moonshine Kid and the Hole-in-the-Head-Gang (mean and nasty ogres). The kid is literally a kid. A few years ago he stole an eternal youth potion from a dentist and it worked too well. Unfortunately he’d already killed the only man who could possibly change him back. This had the effect of making the Kid even meaner.

Meg and Phil spend these two issues trying to find guns (theirs were taken away by the bad guys) with which to defeat the Moonshine Kid and his gang who have taken over the town and are terrorizing its denizens. The ensuing story is definitely not your average comic book shoot-‘em-up and is full of laughs. It’s also beautifully illustrated and just as much fun as his first Far West four issue mini-series.

Richard Moore illustrated this mini-series a tad differently than the last one. In his previous mini he used pen and ink line art. This mini, still black and white, seems to have been shot straight from his pencils. Both are gorgeous but I preferred the line art. It comes across a little bolder in black and white. The pencil art would be perfect for a color comic. Much was made of Jay Anacleto’s pencils for Aria. Moore could give him a run for his money and he’d probably beat him on deadlines.

Far West is one of the most original series I’ve read in a long time and I hope Moore will be able to continue getting his stories published in these lean times for comic sales.

I’ll bet both Far West minis are still available from Antarctic Press. You can write them at 7272 Wurzbach, Suite #204, San Antonio, TX 78240 or visit their web site at www.antarctic-press.com.