Far West #1–4 (of 4)
[Antarctic Press $2.99 US $4.50 CAN B&W]
Written & Illustrated by Richard Moore
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Far West #1Meg (Ra’Meghan Val’Norium) is an Elf. She’s an Elf in a wild West populated by Pixies, Faeries, Ogres, Dragons, shapeshifters and talking bears. Oh, and she’s a bounty hunter who likes to wear buttless chaps.

In this four-issue mini-series Meg and her trusty partner, Phil (a talking bear) take on the job of capturing one Darien Voss, "notorious thief, murderer, and no-account" whose "dastardly deeds include forgery, moving violations, and wearing mutton chops with a mustache." He’s also been robbing trains using a very nasty, fire-breathing dragon.

Competing with Meg for the bounty is a snooty bunch from the Blackhawk Detective Agency. They don’t think much of Meg and figure they won’t have any trouble finding Voss before she does. They don’t know Meg very well though.

Richard Moore’s art for Far West is as entertaining as his story. The character and background details are beautifully done and I can only guess that Moore is a butt man because his lovingly rendered views of Meg’s posterior border on the inspired.

I remember seeing Far West when it was solicited through Previews. I almost ordered it but my order was pretty big that month so I passed on it. Once again, I was fortunate in that Bill had ordered a few copies for the shelf and I was able to pick two of the issues up in the shop. The other two I ordered straight from Antarctic Press. It was definitely worth the trouble. If Richard Moore is able to do more stories set in this universe I will be first in line to buy them.

If you can’t find this mini-series on your local shop’s shelves simply write to Antarctic Press, 7272 Wurzbach, Suite #204, San Antonio TX, 78240. You can also visit their web site at www.antarctic-press.com but be warned, it’s been under construction for a horribly long of time and not all of their current stock is on-line.