Electric Girl #1
[Mighty Gremlin $3.50 US B&W]
Written & Illustrated by Michael Brennan
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Electric Girl #1Virgina is just your average girl-next-door with a few minor exceptions. She was born with the ability to conduct electricity through her body and she has a Gremlin named Oogleeoog who only she can see as a friend.

The story in this first issue introduces us to Virginia, Oogleeoog, Virginia’s Dad, and her dog, Blammo. When Virginia takes Blammo outside to barf (Schezwan table scraps don’t agree with him) and then for a walk he escapes his leash and Virginia and Oogleeoog are led on a chase through the town’s streets.

They end up chasing Blammo to the home of a strange little kid named Timmy. Timmy seems okay at first but it turns out the kid is some kind of mechanical genius who has rigged his "club house" up with all kinds of wacky mechanical devices, a few of which he sends after Virginia because she broke his video game by zapping it with electricity.

And to make things even weirder, Timmy’s got a talking dog who, after Virginia dispatches the assault toys with her electrical current, explains to Virginia and Oogleeoog (yes, the dog can see him) that Timmy’s parents aren’t far off and that they should probably leave quickly which Virginia, Oogleeoog and Blammo do quite quickly. More than enough mysteries for a first issue that’s for sure. But I get the feeling we’ll see more of Timmy and his dog, Sparky.

All in all, this issue is more promising than quite a few first issues I’ve read. The artwork is dynamic and polished and the storytelling top-notch. If you see it on the shelf in your local comics shop, give it a try.

Electric Girl #1 is a $3.50 US b&w comic published by Mighty Gremlin, P.O. Box 255, Arlington, MA 02174 All letters should be sent to Michael Brennan c/o Mighty Gremlin. You can also visit the web site at www.electricgirl.com.