Electric Girl #6
[Mighty Gremlin $2.95 US B&W]
Written & Illustrated by Mike Brennan
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Electric Girl #6Donít let the title fool you. Electric Girl is not a super-hero comic. Virginia is your average girl expect for the fact that she can conduct electricity through her body. She also has an ornery gremlin that only she can see for a friend.

Each issue of Electric Girl has featured stories from various periods in Virginiaís life. This issue is no exception. The first story follows an adolescent Virginia as she is convinced by Oogleeoog (the gremlin) to become a super-hero. Of course the first step is coming up with suitable attire and Virginia and Oogleeoog set about altering her clothes much to the surprise of her mother.

The second and third stories follow present day, college age Virginia as she solves a mystery involving Harry and Harriet McBain, conjoined twins accused of murder and as she attends a comic con with her comic loving friend, Abby.

Mike Brennan Ďs clean, expressive line and use of gray tones brings the stories and characters in Electric Girl to life. His style would be perfectly suited to animation because even on the static comic book page his characters give the impression of movement. I never find myself getting lost in his layouts. They always flow smoothly and logically with the story to its conclusion.

My one complaint would be that I would love to read a longer story within an issue. The current format makes any Electric Girl issue a great starting point but seeing Virginia tackle something that requires more story pages or even an extra issue would be a nice change.

If you canít find this title at your local comic shop, write to Mighty Gremlin, P.O. Box 255, Arlington, MA 02476 or visit the web site at www.electricgirl.com.