Electric Girl #2
[Mighty Gremlin $2.95 US $4.40 CAN B&W]
Written & Illustrated by Michael Brennan
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Electric Girl #2Electric Girl is the ginchiest. In this issue we get three complete stories. The first is about how Virginia gets her lovable dog, Blammo.The second was an amusing tale of undead revenge starring Virginia and her best friend, Monique. And the third was a wordless strip wherein Virginia and Oogleoog the gremlin foil a grocery store robbery.

Brennan’s art is simple yet marvelously expressive. The characters come to life under his deft pen both visually and verbally. I was a tad disappointed that he didn’t return to the storyline in last issue with Timmy and his strange talking dog but on the plus side it makes the second issue as good a starting point for new readers as the first.

Michael Brennan is creating a solid comic with Electric Girl. If you’re one of those people who believes there are no good comics worth reading, send Michael Brennan some money and let Electric Girl reawaken your love of comics.

Can’t find this comic on store shelves? Write to Michael Brennan, c/o Mighty Gremlin, P.O. Box 255, Arlington, MA 02746 or visit the Electric Girl web site at www.electricgirl.com.