Dr. Bob & Irving! #7

Writer: Ray Tomczak
Penciler: Ray Tomczak
Inker: Ray Tomczak
Colors: B&W
Publisher: SRD Studios $2.00 US

Dr. Bob & Irving! #7 page 37; © 2001 Ray TomczakDr. Bob & Irving! #7“Dr. Bob & the Inside Man Part 2” picks up where the last issue’s story left off with Dr. Bob and his bodyguard, Irving, fighting Irving’s evil identical twin from paving the way for aliens to invade Earth. For all of those readers who are jumping into the wacky world of Dr. Bob and Irving McKenzie for the first time, Ray Tomczak provides a few pages of prologue to get any newbies up to speed on the story so far. The story continues but doesn’t conclude with events flowing at a hectic pace that keeps the reader’s attention and provides a few chuckles along the way.

The world that Dr. Bob and Irving McKenzie inhabit is populated with oddball super-heroes, strange conspiracies and a loose confederation of scientists (all with the “Dr.“ appellation) who keep the world safe from all manner of threats. All of this mayhem is produced with tongue planted firmly in cheek and while Tomczak’s take on spy and super-hero parody may not be breaking any new ground it’s always amusing and capably done.

Tomczak has a solid grasp of sequential storytelling and his cartoony style fits the tone of the stories he’s telling perfectly. I would like to see him invest in either a good human letterer or a decent comic book lettering font. At times the hand lettering can be difficult to read and a clearer font could do a lot to polish the look of the book.

Dr. Bob & Irving! is a digest-sized comic so you probably won’t find it at your local comic shop. If this sounds like a series you would be interested in, write to SRD Studios, c/o Ray Tomczak, 4050 North High Street, Apt. #33, Columbus, OH 43214. You can also e-mail Ray for more information at ray_tomczak@copper.net.