Dr. Bob & Irving! #6
[SRD Studios $2.00 US B&W Digest-sized]
Written & Illustrated by Raymond Tomczak
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Dr. Bob & Irving! #6Dr. Bob & Irving! is a digest-sized comic that follows the adventures of genius inventor Dr. Bob and his bodyguard/sidekick, Irving. The first story in this issue, “Dr. Bob & a Job for Irving,” relates the origin of the Dr. Bob and Irving team. The main story, “Dr. Bob & the Inside Man,” pits Dr. Bob and the evil Lord Volcanus (aka Lord Aquaticus aka Lord Waldo aka Waldo Jensen, janitor) as he attempts to destroy the world. Throw in clones, an alien conspiracy to invade Earth and oddball super-heroes and you end up with a story that isn’t in any way, shape or form trying to be serious.

“Dr. Bob & the Inside Man” was amusing but the frequent flashback sequences bogged down the pace. It did, however, make this issue a good jumping on point for new readers. After reading this issue I got a good feel for the characters and universe Tomczak has created.

Tomczak’s art fits the tongue-in-cheek story with an over-the-top and cartoony style. I liked the art in the first story much better than the second. More care was taken with the layouts and backgrounds in “Dr. Bob & a Job for Irving” and the overall look was more polished and professional. The second and much longer story appears rushed in places and backgrounds are often given short shrift.

You probably won’t find this at your local comic shop unless they carry digest-sized and mini comics. So if you would like to give Dr. Bob & Irving! a try, write to SRD Studios, c/o Ray Tomczak, 4050 North High Street, Apt. #33, Columbus, OH 43214. You can also e-mail Ray about his comic at ray_tomczak@copper.net.