Dark Horse Presents #141
[Dark Horse Comics $2.95 US $4.15 CAN B&W]
Written by Various & Illustrated by Various
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Dark Horse Presents #141I only pick up DHP sporadically—usually when they have a theme issue I’m interested in. This one just happened to be an all Buffy issue so, naturally, I bought it. The issue contains three short stories, all ably done.

The first is written by Daniel Brereton and Christopher Golden and is called "Hello, Moon." In it Buffy learns that she’s not the only one chosen to fulfill a difficult destiny. The artwork is by Joe Bennett and Jim Amash. Both are the current artists on the ongoing series and by far superior to Gomez and Florea.

The second story, "Cursed," is written by Christopher Golden with art by Hector Gomez and Sandu Florea and fleshes out Angel’s origin a bit more.

The last tale, "Dead Love," is written by ongoing series scribe, Andi Watson and illustrated by David Perrin and Sandu Florea. I’d like to see David Perrin on pencils again because he did a great job illustrating this little story that follows Giles on a solo adventure.

All three were worth the bucks IMO but if you’re not a fan of Buffy you should probably skip it.

You should be able to find this issue on the racks still or have your shop owner try a reorder. No luck there? Order direct from Dark Horse Comics, Inc. 10956 SE Main Street, Milwaukie, OR 97222 or from their web site at www.darkhorse.com.