Déjà Vu #1 (of 2)
[Radio Comix $2.95 US B&W]
Written & Illustrated by Richard Moore
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Déjà Vu #1 opens with a bang, literally. Our protagonist, an attractive witch named Katerina and her familiar, ‘Wulf (short for Beowulf) are dining al fresco when a car full of thugs sprays the diners with bullets. Being an inquisitive and helpful witch, she ends up following a blood trail that leads her to a wounded vampire. It turns out that the shooters were also vamps and the wounded vamp was the target. Why he was the target is the mystery she decides to solve much to the chagrin of ‘Wulf.

This mini is a little rougher in its pacing than his work in the Far West minis but it still has Moore’s trademark strengths of humor, clear cinematic storytelling and sarcastic, tough heroines. A few times I had to backtrack and make sure I hadn’t missed something. The fact that all the vamps looked alike made things a little muddled at times.

Katerina’s motivation for solving this mystery seems to be the fact that innocent lives were drawn into the mess but beyond that we know nothing else about her. Also not knowing the lead character’s name through most of the story was a bit annoying and even now I’m not sure if the name given at the end was her real one. I’ll have to wait for issue two and the conclusion of the story.

If you can’t find this issue at your local comic shop, write to Radio Comix, PMB #117, 11765 West Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78216 or visit their web site at www.radiocomix.com. You can also visit Richard Moore’s official site at www.geocities.com/farwestfans.