Cynical Girl #1
[Mortco $2.95 US #3.95 CAN B&W]
Written by Jennifer Heddle / Illustrated by William Morton
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Cynical Girl #1Geneva is your typical single, twenty-something urban female. Sheís employed at a trendy bookstore (The Book Wurm), canít live without her daily dose of coffee, and she likes to dress up as the super-hero Cynical Girl. Okay, maybe that last bit isnít quite so typical.

Geneva is a young woman who is so fed up with the petty tyrannies of everyday lifeópeople who cut in line, lascivious singles bar sleazoids, crude construction workersóthat she has decided to become Cynical Girl when the need arises and put the offenders in their place. Her friends treat her new crusade with a bemused acceptance and she even has a small band of worshippers in the form of three geeky teen boys.

The story in this debut issue introduces us to Geneva and her world. Itís all very tongue-in-cheek with Geneva interacting in a cynical way with everyone even when sheís not in costume.

The artwork is skillfully done and has a clean, boldly inked, cartoon style. William Morton handles facial expressions particularly well which makes it easy to tell all of the characters apartóa skill that some mainstream artists canít seem to pull off.

Cynical Girl issue one was cuteónot bowl-you-over-hilariousóbut cute. It has definite potential as long as Jennifer Heddle can avoid the tendency to mine the same basic gags through each issue and give the reader actual stories.

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