Colonia #1, 2, 3
[Colonia Press $2.95 B&W]
Written & Illustrated by Jeff Nicholson
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Colonia #1Jack is an average boy from Massachusetts spending the Summer on his uncle’s fishing boat. Jack and his uncles, Richard and Pete, are swallowed up by a strangely calm and cold "storm." They end up being rescued from their life raft by Captain Cinnabar and his pirates. Now these aren’t modern-day pirates they’re honest-to-God period pirates complete with cannon and grog.

Jack and his uncles escape the pirates after Uncle Pete sets off a cask of gunpowder. They end up on an island and while Jack is exploring he stumbles upon a talking duck who mistakes him for a "haug boy" or a "silke." Jack and Lucy are soon taken captive by Captain Anne Reed and her mate, Bonnie O’Malley (more pirates) and pressed into service. Much to Jack’s distress, Lucy gets to be pressed into service as dinner. During his time on this ship Jack comes to the conclusion that they’ve traveled to some sort of alternate reality. The United States of America doesn’t exist here even though the year is the same, 1999. Instead it’s known as Colonia Norte.

I first read about this series in the pages of the Comics Buyer’s Guide. It sounded interesting but I still didn’t commit and special order one through my retailer. Fortunately, OKC is blessed with a great comic shop in New World Comics & Games and Bill ordered copies for the rack. Colonia is a wholly original series and I would like to encourage all of you to pick up this title. You won’t regret it.

No luck finding this title on store shelves? Write to Colonia Press, P.O. Box 193681, San Francisco, CA 94119. You can also visit the web site at or e-mail