Cain #1, 2
[Self-published B&W $1.50]
Written & Illustrated by Ren Hayes

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Cain #2This digest-sized bimonthly series follows the Biblical character Cain in the city of Nod, a purgatory of his own making. Throughout these two issues Cain is tormented by strange creatures who either want to berate him for killing Abel or punish him for not choosing to serve good or evil. That said, this comic should in no way be considered a thinly veiled attempt to proselytize some good old Christian values. It’s more akin to a horror story than a religious story.

I can’t really say I know where Ren Hayes is going with this comic but his execution is interesting. The backgrounds are copies of old gothic churches and graveyards that look like they’ve been manipulated to look grainy and otherworldly. Cain and the other creatures he meets are drawn in heavy blacks in stark contrast to the grainy quality of the backgrounds. The end result is quite effective in setting the tone but I would like to see a little more detail on the figures and perhaps a cleaner, less broad stroked inking style.

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