Age of Bronze #1, 2
[Image Comics B&W $2.95 US $4.70 CAN]
Written & Illustrated by Eric Shanower
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Age of Bronze #1Age of Bronze is a retelling of the story of the Trojan War. Issue #1 introduces us to Paris, a cocky young man leaving his home on Mount Ida for the first time to compete in the games at Troy. The King’s men have come to Paris’ father, Agelaus the herdsman, and taken a white bull to be used as a prize in the games. The cost of the bull will be taken out of Agelaus’ taxes but Paris wants the bull back. It was slated to be their sacrifice to the gods and Paris wants it for the bounty sacrificing such a beautiful creature is sure to bring.

The second issue brings Paris and Agelaus to Troy and the start of the games. Once there Paris wins all of the competitions and is revealed to be King Priam’s son, Alexander. Chaos ensues as the prophecy relating to Paris’ birth is recounted by his sister, Cassandra. She is ignored and Paris is welcomed with open arms.

Shanower’s art and writing are superb. No surprise from the man who brought us the wonderful Oz series of graphic novels. Even if you’re not familiar with the events surrounding the Trojan War give this series a try. If you’re a fan of the comic art form you’ll love this series. So do not walk, run to your nearest comic shop and buy Age of Bronze. You won’t regret it.

Issues #1 and #2 are available now and reorders should be possible on this title but if you meet resistance write to Age of Bronze, 1516 Cypress Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103-4517 or e-mail The cost is $2.95 for each issue with no shipping charges for orders within the US. Orders from outside the US should include $1 for orders under $6 and $3 for orders over $6. Make checks or money orders payable to Eric Shanower. Buy this comic!!! [Age of Bronze now has its own web site:]