Boneyard #1–3
[NBM Publishing $2.95 US $4.50 CAN B&W]
Written & Illustrated by Richard Moore
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Boneyard #1Michael Paris is your average guy. He’s young, single and has decided to check out the property he’s inherited from his grandfather in Raven’s Hollow before he finalizes the sale of it to the town council. Michael’s never been to Raven’s Hollow so he’s surprised when he’s met by a welcoming committee made up of the entire town. You see Paris inherited the town‘s cemetery. The odd thing about this place is quite a few strange and otherworldly creatures call the Raven’s Hollow Boneyard their home and the townsfolk want them made homeless.

The leader of the group of soon-to-be homeless is Abbey, a cute vampire. She knew Paris’ grandfather Archie and wants to convince Paris not to sell the Raven’s Hollow Boneyard to the town. Abbey’s compatriots in the boneyard are: Sid, a walking, talking human skeleton; Ralph, a leather jacket/sunglasses wearing werewolf; Mr. Vincent the boneyard’s undertaker; Edgar, a talking raven; Scratch, a cat who’s used up just about all of his nine live; Nightcrawler, a talking nightcrawler; Hildy, a witch; Glump, a sock-fearing demon; Vanessa, a voluptuous ‘creature from the black lagoon’; Brutus, her Frankenstein monster husband; and a couple of smart-mouthed gargoyles who guard the gates to the boneyard. Whew!

These three issues do a great job setting up the town and cemetery of Raven’s Hollow. The inhabitants of the cemetery in particular are given distinct personalities in very little space due to Moore’s beautifully crafted images and his deft handling of dialogue. The Mayor of Raven’s Hollow is a wonderfully smarmy fellow who does his best to convince Paris to sell the boneyard through charm, bribery and outright threats. The inhabitants of the boneyard, in turn, do their best to charm Paris to their way of thinking.

If you’ve never picked up a Richard Moore comic (Far West, Deja Vu) then now is your chance. Moore certainly deserves to be selling more comics because his work outstrips many others who are far more successful in this field. Sharp and funny dialogue and skillful storytelling set off his style of cartoon realism perfectly. Boneyard showcases all of these skills and should convince anyone who’s a fan of this art form to pick up this title.

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