Barry Crockett The Motown Man #1 (of 12)
[Self-published $3.25 US color]
Written & Illustrated by Scott Roberts
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Barry Crockett the Motown Man #1Barry Crockett, a former Army Ranger, returns home to Detroit after the death of his mother but the city isn’t the one he remembers from his childhood. It’s a harder city where the good people of his old neighborhood are terrorized by young punk crack dealers. After a run-in with four of them Barry decides to teach them a lesson. If that sounds way too hard-boiled/vigilante justice it isn’t. Barry comes across as a good and rational man and after confronting one of the kids he decides that route is dangerous and not worth the risk.

The story of Barry Crockett shows definite promise. In 24 pages I came to like Barry and was interested in seeing how this series turns out. The weakest part of this issue would have to be the art. Scott Pearson has the visual storytelling and pacing down but his illustrations are a bit crude and stiff. The computer coloring in issue one (subsequent issues will be black and white) polishes it up quite a bit but the comic might be better served by Scott doing breakdowns and a more skilled illustrator handling the finishes.

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