Aria #1
[Image Comics $2.50 US $4.00 CAN]
Written by Brian Holguin / Art by Jay Anacleto / Colored by Brian Haberlin, Drew & Alex
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Aria #1The first thing you’ll notice about this comic is Jay Anacleto’s stunning artwork. I recall reading that his highly detailed pencils were never inked. The colorists did their job right from the pencil work. The end result was worth it.

The story follows a young woman named Aria who is a former denizen of faery, now living in the mortal world and running a shop specializing in magic and the occult. The conflict comes from the fact that other magical beings are being murdered and Aria will soon be a target.

Anacleto delves a little too often into the t&a arena but you kind of forgive the guy because everything he draws is so beautifully rendered. Another point in his favor is the characters look like real people. There’s no Jim Lee "realism" here.

The comic features a small sketchbook section in the back and we’re treated to a few other artists’ renditions of the main characters. Once you’ve seen Anacleto’s versions though the other depictions just don’t have the right touch of elegance about them.

The only reason you may not be able to find this comic at your local shop is because it’s sold out. You can visit the Avalon Studios web site for more information about Aria: Or write Image Comics, 1440 North Harbor Boulevard, Suite #305, Fullerton, CA 92635.