Angel #1
[Dark Horse Comics $2.95 US $4.50 CAN]
Written by Christopher Golden / Pencilled by Christian Zanier
Background Assists by Marvin Mariano / Inked by Andy Owens
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Angel #1The first issue of this new ongoing series begins a multi-part story with Angel and the gang investigating a suspect fertility clinic. More time was spent setting up the characters and story than actually delving into the plot but I’m hopeful that future issues won’t have to contend with. The inclusion of the obligatory ‘history of Angel to date’ segue broke into the pacing of the story but I can see the necessity for it. Christopher Golden has a good feel for the characters’ dialogue and I’m looking forward to less vamp heavy tales than we see in the Buffy comic.

The artwork by Zanier and Owens was adequate. They did a much better job with their Buffy the Vampire Slayer #12 fill-in issue. The likenesses in Angel #1 weren’t as spot-on but perhaps with time they’ll improve. The less vivid coloring of the Angel comic compared to BTVS might also have had an effect on the art. I know the Angel television show is full of muted colors but it sure makes for a boring comic visually. Lightening up the colors and adding a more variable color palette would help the bland look of the comic.

Angel #1 should still be on your local store’s shelves but if it’s not you can order direct from Dark Horse Comics, Inc. 10956 SE Main Street, Milwaukie, OR 97222 or visit their web site at