Amy Unbounded the Ashcan Series #1-6
[Pughouse Press $1.50 B&W Digest-sized]
Written & Illustrated by Rachel Hartman
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Amy Unbounded The Ashcan Series #1I first read about this digest-sized comic series in the pages of Castle Waiting. Linda Medley praised the series and the sample art included looked really wonderful. I remember thinking that I should send away for them but after reading the issue and moving on to other things I promptly forgot all about it. Enter Keith O’Brien recommending this title to me via e-mail and through a review in his ‘zine, Kluttered Visions. Well, that jarred me into action and I promptly sent away for all of the issues.

I was not disappointed in the least. Each issue of Amy Unbounded features a self-contained story about an imaginative girl named Amy. It’s fantasy in that she lives in the Queendom of Goredd with her father, a weaver, and her mother, a farm wife/clock maker.

The world Amy lives in is marvelously realized and populated with enough engaging, quirky characters to make me long for a monthly or bimonthly comic-sized version of this series. It would be perfect for introducing girls to comics. Of course, that’s not to say you can’t use the digest version too.

Amy Unbounded, the Ashcan Series can be ordered through the mail for $2.00 for one and $1.50 for each additional comic ordered. Send checks or money orders to Rachel Hartman, Pughouse Press, 250 Wynnewood Road E-13, Wynnewood, PA 19096. Rachel’s sister, Rebecca, also has set up a web site for Amy Unbounded at