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What's New!

Still alive, still not writing any comic reviews. I'm reading them but haven't gotten back into the reviewing groove. Bad me. Blog is updated almost daily so there's new content on the site there. Mike also updates his but it's more like once every few months. Slacker.

I'm a bad, bad person. I haven't updated reviews on this site in almost a year. Well thankfully I beat the year mark by two months. Hooray!

New to the site is a Hodge Lodge Quarterly Update, two reviews (My Faith in Frankie 1–4 and Halloween-man: It Came From Texas) and there's new web log content practically every day. I also fixed some links on the links page.

Put up some pictures of the snow we recently got. The sun is out today though so it's all going away. I promise I'm going to get a review done. Nag me if I don't.

Well, the tactic I mentioned below didn't seem to work did it? I still haven't gotten a review done. I have been carrying a notebook and a  comic around with me to review so that's got to count for something. Anyway, new to the site is the Hodge Lodge Quarterly Update. And, as always, my blog is new just about every day.

Ack! I didn't do any reviews in October. I'm a bad person. Well, I resolve to get one done this week which is why I'm putting this here. If I actually write that I'm gonna do it I'm usually guilt-ridden enough to get it done. Wish me luck! Oh, there's new weblog content.

Yay! I finished a review. Kickass Girl #1 is reviewed on the Flooby Reviews page. And, of course, there's new weblog content too.

No, I haven't forgotten about reviewing comics. Really. I just scanned the cover for one today that I want to review. Hopefully I'll have it written within the next few days. *sigh* There's new weblog content though and I talk about comics there sometimes.

One new review up on the Flooby Reviews page for Fray #1–8. The review for American Century #1–8 has been moved to the archives page. Oh, and there's new weblog content too.

Did you think I'd forgotten about reviews? Nahh, I haven't. I'm working on a new one today but haven't finished it so I'm afraid you're just getting an update to the archives page. But, it is notable because I've finally finished moving all of the old Creeping Flesh reviews to the new archives. Hooray! No more formatting!

Head on over to see reviews for: Uncertain Stories #3, Vertigo's Winter's Edge 2 and 3, Wahoo Morris #1 and 2, Where's It At Sugar Kat? #1 (of 3), The Wiggly Reader #3, The World Below #1–4 (of 4), The World Below: Deeper and Stranger #1–4 (of 4), Writhe and Shine Preview Ashcan, Writhe and Shine #1 and Yeah! #1–4 (of 4).

I've also been updating my web log almost daily so if you check in here and nothing new has been added there's still likely to be new web log material. And  I've been so good about updating mine that Mike is feeling guilty and has been updating his a little more often.

Has August been a productive month for me or what? Another new review is up and this time it's even somewhat timely. A review of Blood and Water #1–5 (of 5) is up on the Flooby Reviews page.

I completed formatting still more archived reviews: Totems, The Travelers #2–8, and The Trenchcoat Brigade #1, 2 (of 4). I also moved the Dr. Bob & Irving! #7 review from Flooby Reviews to the archives page.

Wow! Two reviews so far for the month of August. Go to the Flooby Reviews page for my opinion about Legacy of the Samurai #1.

It's time once again for the Hodge Lodge Quarterly (or semi-quarterly) update. This update coincides with my 'zine in the Phoenix APA every quarter and I upload it here to keep friends and family updated on our oh-so-thrilling lives.

Also new to the site are more archived reviews. You knew I was going to say that, didn't you? For your reading pleasure: Shades of Blue #1–3, Sidekicks #1 & 2, Sleeping Dragons #2 & 3, Slightly Bent Comics #1, 2 (of 2), Snack Bar #1, Speed Racer #1–3 (of 3), Strange Weather Lately Sampler, and Swamp Thing #1–5.

Moved three reviews from the Flooby Reviews page to the archives: Tzimtzum Prologue, BTVS: Oz #1–3 (of 3), and Last Kiss #2. And, I reformatted more of the old Creeping Flesh reviews and moved them to the archives page: Racer X #1 & 2 (of 3), Red Planet Pioneer #1, Red Sonja: A Death in Scarlet, Rogue Satellite Comics Special Issue, Saint #1 & 2, The Sandman Presents: Love Street #1–3 (of 3), and The Sandman Presents: Lucifer #1 (of 3).

Wow. I looked at the list of old reviews I still have to reformat and it's only one screen now. Hooray! I've whittled that thing down!

Guess what? I actually did a new review. Okay, it sort of qualifies as new in that it's for a mini-series that came out quite some time ago. But it's new to this site, by golly. Check it out on the reviews page: Midnight, Mass #1–8.


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